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Dressing Denim from Dawn till Dusk

Posted by alfaisaliah - 04/16/2016

For any on-the-go woman, having versatile outfits for those busy, multi-event days is essential. And better yet, your ensemble doesn’t have to include an uncomfortable dress or expensive trousers.  All you need are a great pair of jeans.


In recent years, denim has shed much of its 90’s stigma for being ultra-casual attire. While some blue-collar work environments still snub light-wash jeans, the myriad of colours, tones and cuts has helped denim find a foothold in sophisticated settings. This range of brands and styles also makes it a go-to for transitional outfits. Whether you’re heading from work to dinner with the co-workers, or need to dress down for a relaxed evening with friends down at the mall, well-fitted jeans can be the perfect centrepiece of an outfit.


Although this is by no-means the only style you can go for, our chiffon shirt, jeans and pump default are some of the easiest items to pair. Throw down some shimmer and shine with bulky statement accessories, or keep the outfit neutral with some classy pumps and subtle jewellery – the choice is yours!


Tips for Transitioning Your Outfit from Day to Night:


1. Wear Black – It’s that simple. Black is timeless, works in any season, and can make one look put together in any setting. If you’re worried about appearing overly solemn – or feel washed out from an all-black ensemble – add pops of colour through accessories, jackets, scarfs or hats. Remove if you’re aiming for a sleek, sophisticated evening look.

2. Keep it Plain– Patterns and stripes can dominate an outfit, and require certain styles or textures to compliment them, which can be a hassle when planning a transitional getup. When going from day to night, try keep your outfit as plain as possible. If you must wear prints, keep them minimal and subtle; a statement blouse or accessory that can be fitted around a range of neutral clothes and accessories.

3. Be Comfortable – Don those spikey heels and fitted shirts if you want, but keep in mind the longevity of your outing. While popping on your latest stiletto Marc Jacob peep-toes might seem like a grand idea at eight a.m., your feet won’t thank you later.

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