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An Assault of the Senses

Posted by alfaisaliah - 04/16/2016

Ask a committed gamer to describe the perfect gaming experience in one word and the answer will likely be ‘immersive’. But what exactly does that mean? What makes a game truly immersive?

The simple answer is that immersion in a game calls for an assault of the senses. An aircraft flying overhead is good. Hearing the sonic boom as it hits mach 2 and goes through the sound barrier is better. Of course, in order to achieve the best immersive experience possible, gamers invest in the most powerful kit they can possibly afford. This often means a beast of a machine, alongside a monitor that is capable of showing images that are so sharp it takes your breath away. Unfortunately, all of this can be totally ruined if the headset sucks.

A high quality headset is a must for the serious gamer; it provides sound experiences that cannot be compared to run of the mill headsets. So how do you ‘road test’ headsets to find out which is the best for you? First of all, it’s important to remember that high quality gaming headsets have to be comfortable; designed for long sessions without causing skin irritation.  In addition, the ideal gaming headset is designed to offer you the advantage you require in your fast paced first person shooter games. In games such as these, it can be virtually guaranteed that most of the top scorers have invested in five-star gaming headsets.

What do we mean by five-star? The SteelSeries H is an excellent case-in-point; a premium product that has positional audio capabilities. This is vital if you are seeking true immersion, as having realistic sounds and audio accuracy enhances the overall gaming experience. SteelSeries H has numerous other features and functions, including a retractable and flexible microphone with a red light at the tip to indicate that it is muted, and a USB hub that allows for multiple connections for other added features, such as enhanced display. At the present time, the SteelSeries H headset is the best on the market, and packed with features that other headsets simply can’t compete with.

Naturally, a headset is a very personal choice and you may decide on another option, but what it must offer is sound quality. Responsive controls and lifelike visuals may be at the heart of game-play, but sound fleshes the whole experience out and can turn the game into something that is functionally interactive; or to put it another way, totally immersive.

You want to hear every floor board creak in a horror game, every bullet whiz by in a shoot-up. You also want to be able to tell which direction the sounds are coming from. A good headset will do all of that … and more.

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